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  • Magic Coin Pouch

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  • Magic Coin Pouch

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    magic coin pouch
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The Hole / BrendanMonroe


Desert Cat / AliGulec


Fly Gelada / Gelada


Final Frontier / SLip


Dots / AzumiMitsuboshi


The Architect / H


tyvek paper wallet
  • Made from TYVEK®
  • Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • Smart Material
tyvek wallet


super thin wallet

Super comfortable minimalist wallet
Only as thick as what’s inside

Origami inspired & engineered Tyvek wallet
expands with use to fit your needs

lacabezaenlasnubes is Fran Rodriguez, a graphic designer from Cantabria (Spain), born in 1980, now living in Barcelona. In his early years he would get nervous about everything, untrust adults and dre Read more...


Tyler Coey is a Kansas City native, who after studying at Columbus College of Art & Design returned to KC to pursue his creative endeavors. His figurative paintings explore technique, color, and shape Read more...


Silverman - Artist/Graphic Designer/Illustrator Working Mostly in Tel Aviv, Israel. Doing art for the Nightlife & Music scene in Israel, Magazine illustrations, Brand Identities & more. Read more...

Garavato / Colombian illustrator and multidisciplinary designer. He grew up in a small summer town called Girardot surronded by friends, swimming pools, skate, music, pencils, sowed the curiosity that Read more...

Martin Oeggerli creates art using his scientific expertise and scanning-electron-microscopy. The resulting black-and-white images are artistically colored to reflect natural appearance. Since 2005 hi Read more...

Corneal Array Corneal Array

Gelada, an Independent Illustration, design & culture studio based in Tel Aviv. we make our own screen-printed tees & prints designing them as souvenirs from destinations around the globe that inspi Read more...

Fly Gelada Lighthouse

I think it’s a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression and to use any way to extend this power Read more...

Art and Politics Ai Weiwei Seeds

Nowartt is a textile / graphic label designed by art director and designer Toyoki Adachi. Heritage and modern arts are sensitively mixed together. nowartt stands for; - now art textile = timeless mod Read more...

Peace Camo Peace Camo Peace Camo

Brendan Monroe cultivates a taste for scientific challenges, relationships to math, physics, and the surreal. His work crosses over a variety of mediums and most recently into murals and ceramic sculp Read more...

The Hole

Born 1980 in Tokyo. Graduate of Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture. Areas of work include logo design, editorial, packaging, signature design, paper glass Read more...

Dots Dots Dots

I am an illustrator and designer from Istanbul. At my design studio "ikiiki" I always try to create surprising and inspiring works.Finding hidden messages in simple objects is my passion. Read more...

Cryogenic freeze Desert Cat

V.N.M. is two guys from the east coast of the United States, one at the top and one at the bottom. They have full time jobs making visuals for bands and brands, part time jobs making cool crap for ass Read more...

Hate What You Will

Fresh on the scene, HYPE. have quickly grown from a young, aspiring U.K. brand, into a widely supported label. With their bold prints, extravagant patterns and eye catching designs. HYPE. are not a fo Read more...

HYPE - Einstein Hype - Floral

A seminal Skateboard / punk / rock / heavy metal graphic designer who has reinterpreted decades of comic books, action figures, monster movie references and twisted them into his own lexicon of 21st c Read more...


Street fashion icon and artist Twerps! is on of the creative forces, visionary and co-owner of the MISHKA brand Read more...


Daniel Bleckley is a Boston native who relocated to Los Angeles in search of more skateboarding and better weather. In between shooting skateboard tricks he shoots anything and everything that interes Read more...

Hall of Fame

"With deficits, difficult hyperactivity and the inability to distinguish between decoration and vandalism I spent most of my time reducing material. Instead of adding black to white, I try to achieve Read more...

Rising Up

Born in Miyagi, 1978, Kazuki Takamatsu expresses depth in his two-dimensional monochromatic world by illustrating the distance by his personalized process. The third dimension is clearly evident in h Read more...

Frozen Shadows

After studying graphic design in his native London, Mark Goss began his professional career from Antwerp in Belgium, exhibiting and working on projects there as well as in London, Rotterdam and other Read more...

Hong Kong

Alexis Ziritt is the co-founder of the t-shirt company Fistful Apparel and the indie comics co-op Calavera Comics. Alexis is originally from Venezuela but has lived in Tampa for the past decade. He's Read more...

Ghost Rider

Brazilian design studio Pianofuzz was formed by people who share the value of learning and wish of improving in a process of dialogue, perception and creation. Read more...

Silvio Pequeno, a.k.a Throwing knives is an illustrator based in Brazil. His universe is composed of elements from tattoo, film noir, burlesque, circus and graffiti. Silvio works mostly with illustrat Read more...

End of War

Adrien Havet and Jessica Daubertes met in Paris, France, two years ago. Being both graduated graphic designers and sharing a common interest for dark and occult imagery, they decided to create things Read more...

Ancient Spell

UK-based artist. He uses the female portrait as a focal point, often to convey ideas of love and loss, combined with a natural sprawling element that consumes both emotions. The name “Dreams of Gran Read more...

Dreams of Grandeur

Mr. Phomer. A Connoisseur of All Things Cool. A lifetime work in progress that aims to cross different styles, times, cultures and other lives… hopefully yours. His ultimate gold (not goal) is to ac Read more...

Mr. Phomer Mass Appeal

Wataru Yoshida was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1987. In 2007, Wataru chose to pursue an education in design at the Tama Art University, majoring in graphic design and illustration. Read more...

Inner Workings

Hadrien Degay Delpeuch aka H is a French graphic designer born in 1987, living and working in Paris, in love with paper, typography and vectors. Starting as a street artist and studying graphic design Read more...

The Architect Shreds RED

Since 1998, SLip is working both as Apple Jelly's designer and on is own universe where pop-art meets soviet minimalism. With his collages SLip proposes a new world where animals go to work, dictators Read more...

Final Frontier Slip: League The Miner

A street-art troupe based out of the ghostown that is Haifa. The four members; Tant, Unga, Deso, and Kip fuse their styles to bring us their collective funk that is always tuned to the street. From fl Read more...

On the Road

is a Venezuelan born artist, illustrator and designer, who now resides in Mexico. MASA's graphic style produce a crossover where urban and folklore references get blended together to produce distincti Read more...


We left our families We abandoned our homes We worked for nothing We slept on floors We partied hard We lost our minds We danced with the devil We faced our fears We swallowed our pride We gave our he Read more...

Día de Muertos

Bastardgraphics (Julien Rivoire) is a french art director and graphic designer working as a freelancer in Lyon, France… and is a member off WOOD (Visual Collective) w/Xal and Ease, mixing videos and Read more...

Paper Romance Cubes

As an artist, Jacqueline Monique’s compelling concepts, described as “provocative”, “poetic realism” and “unique”, represent creative freedom and mindfulness, focusing only on the presen Read more...


founded Squad19 Creative Union, the Voltron of poster making. Squad19 is a group of individuals soldiering on for the sake of their creative pursuits, usually in the art/design/rock arena. Since plant Read more...

Crazy Clown

An up and coming street artist who is passionate about many forms of art. Street Grapes combines hand drawn and graphic art together to make sophisticated and unusual designs. Influenced by many art f Read more...


Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz/Poland, has a spot for old fashioned cartoons, especially east european styles. In the 90s he studied Graphic Arts in Duesseldorf and discovered a passion for woodcut Read more...

Barely Wild Wild Forest

Artista Gráfico nascido e criado no Porto com trabalho desenvolvido nas mais diversas vertentes artísticas, analógicas e digitais. Com um percurso académico sempre ligado ás Artes,nomeadamente Read more...

Nature's Ink Marcelo Oliveira

Simply complex would be a good phrase to describe what Matacho Descorp manages to make his delivery, pre-Columbian style stylized, full of simple interconnected elements in a visually controlled chaos Read more...

Aztec Skull Aztec Smile

With his roots from the holy land, ELNA is currently living and working on the streets of Barcelona, getting most of his inspiration from the weird architecture, random skate spots and the people he m Read more...

Twenty Eleven Deep Blue

Alexander Tyapochkin runs Yeah Yeah Studio in Moscow, Russia. "My works have maximum color; emotional and dynamic with positive energy. I like to combine modern digital art with traditional illustrat Read more...

Cartoon choir Tyapochkin

Philippe Intraligi is an artist specializing in a wide range of disciplines - branding, fashion, graphic design and illustration. Multilingual and multifaceted, his creative imagery and precise design Read more...

Brooklyner Intraligi

I am Chato, a monster translator from Colombia South America. People say i´m also a designer, street artist, illustrator, a good chef and a hug expert.
I´ve been around for more than 10 years

Little Punk Lucha Libre

Based in TLV, Pilpeled is a prolific graffiti writer and artist with an ever growing following. With a darker sense of design, Pilpeled uses black to dig deeper and bring curiosity out from behind th Read more...

Multiplicity Pilpeled Silent Glory

André gained notice in the late 1990's with Mr. A, a cartoonish character with a round head, a cross and a circle for his eyes, a big smile and very long legs, which he used to draw all over the stre Read more...

Monsieur Andre

Hi, I'm Andres, I was born in 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. I am a designer, illustrator, street artist and photographer. I've collaborated on both local and international projects, collective shows and Read more...

Day Dream Andres B


Paperwallet accessories are made from extremely durable Tyvek® paper. Tyvek® is paper-thin and all
Paperwallet Tyvek Wallets and bags are carefully designed and folded to create fully functional modern accessories.

Tyvek® is also elastic, waterproof, and long-lasting, and is built to keep up with your busy life.

With the planet in mind, Tyvek® paper is an eco-friendly paper-like material and is 100% recyclable.

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We design our Tyvek products as a canvas for artists and with YOU in mind.
Functional art for your everyday